The Hard and Heavy Rockers in the D

Circle the Crown

Brians Sasanas is the bass player in the band. Also a friend of the Action Detroit comunity. Hard and heavy with some originals. Personally liked a heavy heart, rasp rock ballad they do.

Nuke at Corktown Tavern

Popular band in the Metro Detroit bar scene. Known to be a hard rocking party type band. These guys regualarly play Diesels in Chesterfield.

Raven Black

Hard Michigan Band, A Dark Metal Carnival. Raven Black Band, a theatrical act. Their unique brand of Metal - influenced by gothic, classical, and carnival music - is the soundtrack to Raven’s madness.

Detroit Metal City

Sonny Cide Up Trailer

Blacktooth Malitia

This Is reserverd for my buddy Brendans band.

Concrete Angels

Justin and the guys rock. They have been here several times. Always awesome.

Color of Illusion

One of the early bands to come out to the barn to play. This is years ago before we had really developed the new stage, lighting and camera setups.



Our Buddies Dave and Jon are in this hard rocking band that regularly attend our open jams

Little girl Metallica

Little 10 year old Girl On Stage With Metallica and shows them how to play the drums

Heavy Hard Metal 2019

This was just some awesome stuff so I had to post it.

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Mob Opera

A mainstay in Detroit's Hard Rock Scene well known with a large following. Will come out to visit us on occasion. Hope to get the whole band here one day.