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Advertisement Spots on Action Detroit

We glad you have considered supporting us and our endeavors to bring a comprehensive and entertaining website experience and promotional tool for local live entertainers,

This page shows you the size and locations of the advertising spots we utilize through-out the website. All adspots are sold on the 12 month basis. Just click on the ad size you wish to purchase.

Rectangle - 160x80 ($60)
Square - 160x160 ($96)
Tower Ad - 160x600 ($180)
480x60 Top and Bottom Banner Ad($132)
720x300 Bottom Front Page Billboard ($360)
Once your complete the paypal check out you will be redirected back to our image upload page. Do not worry if for some reason your not able to upload it immediately simply email it to me with a reference to the paypal transaction or email used to purchase and we will get it up and in plase for you. Your 12 months will begin once we have it in place and working. Thank you.

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Destination URL for adspot
These 160 wide by 160 square block ads are found bottom footer section through out this site.. While other sites in the network use the left and right side panel displays.

Only $8 a month

These 160 wide by 80 high button ads are found bottom footer sections of our pages. While the left side ones display only within editorial pages and sometimes a special feature.

Only $5 a month

Our 720 wide by 300 tall Large Bottom Center Adspot displays lower half of front page
this is our largest advertisement spot

$30 a month

$11 a month

This 480 by 60 banner adspot appears on the homepage in a scrolling banner marquee as well as through out the site in aticles. You adspot can appear at any of the top middle or bottom positions at random intervals. The ads are randomly rotatated through out the positions and pages of the site.

*Image sizes are the maximums ad image sizes, as would be displayed on a computer or TV ad images may be sized proportionately to fit for cell phone or tablet displays when needed. This is done dynamically on demand. This is to ensure the best possible display delivery possible for your ad image.

**Because of the nature of Responsive Ad Images small text should be avoided when developing your image. This is to ensure readability on small devices such as cell phones and some tablets.

As a added bonus when you select a ad placement we will include your ad on our sister sites as well at no additional cost. Our Other Sites on the Network Include: - this tech savvy answers and geek guru for IT development tips and solutions. -This Musicians site concentrates on the drummers learning experience as it developes. - Our ad serving platform used to manage moving assets across our domain properties. - Our website development and hosting comsumer client facing website.