Our Privacy Statement

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D.M.A.N. is committed to protecting consumer privacy online. We believe greater protection of personal privacy on the Web will not only protect consumers, but also increase consumer confidence and ultimately their participation in online activities. At D.M.A.N. we intend to give you as much control as possible over your personal information.

The purpose of our policy is to inform you of the information we gather about you when you visit our site, how we may use that information, whether we disclose it to anyone, and the choices you have regarding our use of, and your ability to correct, the information.

Our site may contain links to other Web sites. We have no control over the privacy practices or the content of any of our business partners, advertisers, sponsors or other sites to which we provide links. You should check the applicable privacy policy of the Web site sponsor when linking to other Web sites.

Information We Collect

We may request you to voluntarily supply us with personal information, including your e-mail address, postal address, home or work telephone number and online urls. This information may be needed to process an request and will be used only for the purpose of completing your requested transaction.

Like many other commercial sites, our site may utilize a standard technology called a "cookie" to collect information about how our site is used. Cookies were designed to help a Web site recognize a user's browser as a previous visitor and thus save and remember any preferences that may have been set while the user was browsing the site. A cookie cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive, pass on a computer virus, or capture your e-mail address. Our Web site may use cookies to enhance your visit. Cookies can securely store a user's password and identify which parts of a site have been visited. Our cookies may collect your domain name and track your selections through our Web pages. We only use "cookies" to gather the information indicated in this policy and do not use cookies to gather personal identifying information about you without your consent.

Use of User Information

We may perform statistical analyses of aggregate user behavior. This allows us to measure relative consumer interest in the various areas of our Web sites for product development purposes. Any information we collect is used for our own internal purposes to improve the content of the Web sites, to enhance users' experiences when visiting our site, to customize the content and/or layout of our pages, and to provide the services required by an individual user. We do not use personal identifying information for any reason not disclosed either in this policy or at the time the information is requested. We never send e-mail to you unless you request a particular service, or consent to being contacted by e-mail.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We do not share personal identifying information with any third party without your consent. These privacy policies are effective as of August 6, 2002. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, and will post any changes to this policy as soon as they go into effect.

Security of Information

We use our best efforts to ensure the security of personal information submitted by users. When collecting credit card information for online purchases, we offer secured-server transactions that encrypt your information in transit to prevent someone from intercepting and misusing it. When we collect other information from our users, it is stored in an area where the general public does not have access.