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Two types of music copyright: master and composition

The reason is that each piece of recorded music that has two sets of copyrights: one for the musical composition, and one for the actual sound recording If you purchase the full master and composition copyright to one of our songs we will include with your purchase printed and signed by original artisit copies of both the music and lyrics. Upon commencement of the sale we will delete any versions we currently have published on open online platforms (ie. YouTube, Rumble, Vemeo, Tubenet, Facebook ect.) As well as documentation of the closed and executed sale. Full rights means you may use the song anyway you wish. Record it, publish it, make millions of dollars as if it was your very own. You can also re-sell it or issure usage licenses to third parties. Any current licenses issued are transfered to you.

Typical cost for full Master and Composition Copyrights is under $5000

Usage rights are different. What are music usage rights?

In summary, music licenses need two things: a term and a usage. The term specifies the amount of time in which a project can be broadcast, either perpetual or for an allotted amount of time. The usage specifies how many projects a song can be used with: either a single use or blanket use.

Typical cost for a usage rights license is $100

For more information please call Patrick Novack 734-753-5007.