Audio / Video Production Service

You Play, We Film

Action Detroit is proud to be able to offer our guest bands a modern live video recording of thier performance on the Action Detroit stage.

Action Detroit has everything you need for your entertainment groups multimedia project. Wether your a band, stand up comic or magician, we can facilitate a multicam digital recording of your performace that can be used for your promotional purposes. These videos are a sure way to get picked for the festival, hired for the event or land that bar gig with the venue operator.

At our facility just south of the Detroit Metropolitan Aiport. We have a 2000 square foot facility that includes a large 12'x24' stage with drum riser, professional DMX lighting system, and a comfy lounge astomphere.

We have a large membership, and most times our audience is larger and more enthusiastic than you might find out at the local bar scene.

Recording, Editing and Producing


We have designed our place with the sound in mind. From sound deadening wall treatments and carefully place speakers, monitors, subs and mics. We utilize a full 36 channel mixing board. Our space is designed to help you sound your absolute best with the comfort of recording at home. Get the result you want, whether it’s your very first recording or your tenth studio release.


Equipped with up to 12 high definition cameras delivers a multicam video production stream set up for allowing us to capture a multifacid video with various angles to capture that just right moment for the best possible video, Thus allowing all the action and nuiances of a live performance to come through on the screen.


We’ve got the experienced staff to shape your project through the planning stages, direction, and execution. Utilizing the various camera views we are able to meld together a professional video combined soundbooth editing audio and grafic design from the video intro to the careful placement of your contact points to ensure you get that gig. We can even offer help and assistance with band logo design build as well if needed. Come See what we can do for you!

So lets answer some of those questions. The number one question we get is how much does it cost. Well as a musician myself, and being that most of my friends and associates are also musicians, I know how hard it is for a musician to make money. So I feel and hope you do to that I have gotten this down to the bare minimum on cost. And before you start sending me messages and phone calls telling me Im too cheap. Know that I view this as somewhat my hobby. I did some checking around and found that people at the very low end paid 800 and most of the good ones are 2500 and up.

That said here is kinda my basic charges as I apply them....

Basic session is $200 bucks. This is the charge I apply to begin the project, it covers
- a couple hours of stage time (Flexible and accomidating, I don't hold a stop watch or anything, after all we both want a good video)
- use of my professional equipment (from drumkits, lighting, sound, amps, cameras and microphones)
- recording the performance (each band requires setup and placement of cameras dependent on number of members, what there playing, positions ect.
- transfering to editing servers (transfering the video and audio files one at a time to the server takes more than a hour but less then two)
- conversion process to render raw video/audio data files (this software process can take 24 to 48 hours to complete)

That is what it takes to get us the raw data. (basic session). Now on to the video editing and producing...

Basic Production Service is $100 for the 1st. $50 for each additional. This is the charge I apply for each video I build, edit and produce in the project. A video example would be a music video of a song. If you wanted three songs done that would be three videos. Or perhaps a collage of songs combined as a promotional video. A basic video is under five mintues in length. Which normally covers most songs. Examples of a basic video are found on this page to the right if your on PC or at bottom on a phone. Longer videos ie. comedians, magicians or whole shows, will incure a additional charge. (we would come up with a reasonable price prior)

All clients recieve a webpage added to our public facing website A webpage is created for you as a band page or a individual performers page where your videos will appear once compelted. Your able to share them online via link or download them to your device to use in your own projects. Easily use these videos to land that gig with the local venue owner, or sell your services to the upcoming event, wedding or agency or simply to be choosen for that festival, fair or compitition. Whatever it my be, I am here to work with you hand in hand to meet your goals.

Feel free to call us with any questions
Patrick Novack