Barn Rats Musicians Club


Patrick had a barn. And in this barn his friends would come together to enjoy good company and good times while playing billards, pinball, darts etc. One day while sitting around a bonfire we thought "Wouldn't it be cool to have some live music in this big ole barn?". And so it begun. Eddie Smith and his guitar was the very first perfromance at Patsbarn. He basically sat on a stool underneath the hangin television next to the dart boards.

Well that was a hit. Visitors that were there playing darts started to call some friends to come on over as well. Everyone enjoyed the evening. At near the end of night I was asked by someone if thier band could come play in my barn.
Well things continued on for a bit with various musicians coming by with guitars until one day someone suggested that if I had a set of drums in the corner there would be a good chance it would get used. After all its easy to carry a guitar into a establishment but there is a whole lot more to a drumkit.

Well I bought my first drum kit at a pawn shop. Rays Music on Telegraph in Flat Rock (think its gone now). Not knowing anything about drums at the time I really got taken to the cleaners. Overpaid for what was essentially very worn kit without any brass. But it was a start. With a small piece of carpet our percussion section was born.

Watching people come by and play each week got mine, as well as some others interest peaked. One day Brandie says 'I always wanted to play guitar'. And it just so happened that I found myself with a great opportuinity to obtain a bunch of music equipment. Among which was some guitars, bass, PA and a full drumkit. A black Ludwig.

So now we had some equipment we had to decide who will play what. Due to the large size and complexity with moving and setting up drums, it was decided that I shall be the drummer. And I presented Brandie with her first guitar. A red beginners guitar with a small amp.

As time went on we began learning how to play and surrounding ourselves with more and more musicians. Following the idea that if we had the place and equipment to play, experienced musicians will come and we could learn from them.

Eventually we started calling ourselves the Barn Rats. Simply cause there were so many of us and our hangout was a pole barn. Vince Scallion is the guy that actually thought up the Barn Rats name. (Vince is the guy playing the diddly bo on this page)

On most weekends we host a open jam. Saturday nights all musicians fron any genre and any instrument are welcome to come and sit in for some songs with other musicians. We try to keep players on rotation to ensure that everyone gets some time on stage.

In addition to our open jam nights we also have guest bands come in and perform. Normally the first weekend of each month. Guest bands come for various reasons, maybe the first time performing in front of audience to getting a video recording of the band to use for promotional reasons.

In addition to the music we also do four stand up comedian nights each season. We have also done a Murder Mystery Night and have plans to do a 'Whos Line Is It' night. We also have a script for another murder mystery night called 'Death in the Disco' that we hope to implement next winter season.

Here is a list of some bands that have performed here:

Bad Moon Bayou – Creedence Clearwater Tribute
Crossing Woodward
Crafted Conviction
Roadhouse Band
Band Co. – Bad Company Tribute
Big Ray and the Motor City Kings
Current Alibi
Hillbilly Knife Fight
Chronic Blues Band
Tender Years
Urgent – Foreigner Tribute
Blues Dog Inquisition
No Vacancy
The Broken
Chasing The Sun
Rouge River Drive
Bonnie and the Working Girls
Shopping Cart Joyride
Sweat Equity
Beer Monkee
Midnight Sun
The Geris
Missing Link
Dugout Boys
Color of Illusion
Danny Sanders
Channel Cats
Concrete Angels
Jeremy and his Guitar
Mike on Keys
Southside Jimmy
Blueside Duo
Blues Cats
Barn Rats
Interstate 90s
The Stray Dawgs
Rattle Head
After The Fire
Emery "The Animal" Perez
Under the Influence