The Romantics Rise From Detroit

The Romantics have woven themselves firmly into the tapestry of the Detroit rock ‘n’ roll her pantheon, both as progenitors and purveyors of passionately joyful power pop and as gritty survivors of the music industry. Formed in 1977 in response to British punk rock nihilism, The Romantics used music as an escape from the factory lives they faced in this industrial town as well as an affirmation of the joy of music. They combined the energy and excitement of the late ‘60’s Detroit music scene with the melodic sensibilities of the British Invasion - the first one, that is - to create musical gems that are as instantly catchy today as they were when they were written. Songs such as “What I Like About You” and “Talking In Your Sleep” meet the criteria for classic pop tunes. The fact that the joy and the innocence of the songwriting was maintained throughout a veritable soap opera of personnel changes, management difficulties and poor business decision-making is remarkable and a testament to the fortitude and downright stubbornness that Detroit breeds into its folk. That 2000 will see a brand-new album from the Romantics is a testament to the enduring spirit of the band itself. We are more than pleased to present to the Romantics one of this year’s Distinguished Achievement Awards.

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