An outragous look at gas prices!

(THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 2003 WHEN FUEL WAS VERY EXPENSIVE) A picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures poke a funny way on how we all feel about the super high prices of fuel these days. If you have something similar you would like to include on this page please email it to us, please be sure to mention the page you feel it would best fit in.

Crude supplies are near their highest level in history, thus oil futures retreated further down. How is it that when oil futures move at all in an upward motion we quickly see the results at the pump but when it retreats we see nothing? Thursday it was reported that U.S. crude supplies rose to their highest level in nearly eight years; this quickly took the price of oil down. However, market traders quickly tried to pump up the volume by telling their big time clients that tension over Iran's nuclear ambitions will keep the market moving.

This leads me to believe two things, it's not Arabs we should be mad at it's the market traders and the big time oil executives, and to a small extent the local gas station. The oil futures traders are the ones putting it to us while deflecting our attention towards Arabs, and big oil companies. Meanwhile, gas stations are swimming along the sharks like remoras, shark sucking what little fat falls their way. We should be smarter than this; I also think congress should investigate this situation. We must still also keep our eyes on the gas stations, they appear to be gouging us as much as possible without drawing too much ire, lets also have them looked into.

U.S. light crude has fallen all week yet at the gas station we still pay a pretty penny. How can we be paying this much while the actual price for oil is falling? If America experiences a slow down in its economy, we can point at our politicians for not investigating the whole oil situation, from the day traders right down to the gas attendants.

Crude stocks in commercial storage in the United States reportedly rose by 3.2 million barrels last week to 346 million barrels. This number more than doubles the expected rate. If we had twice as less you could expect the prices to jump tenfold. So why hasn't the prices dropped? Most likely because the gas goons think that the politicians are too busy, or don't care enough, to address the situation. Is this fair to us? I don't think so, and most likely neither do you. We deserve better as American taxpayers and I am fed up. I usually don't get this worked up until the end of May but it appears Summer, I mean Gas Gouging season, has come early this year. If it is not addressed by my elected politicians you can be assured I will second guess giving them my vote in this coming year's election.
I know it seems trivial but if we give one inch we will get charged for the next mile and myself I am tired of paying more while receiving less. I don't think we should have to settle for this and I ask all Americans to stand up and be accounted.