Get Ready To Play Outdoors this Season

Times of Covid 19 means we need to rethink our entertainment venues.

Written By Pat Novack

Regardless of whether its a day of orchestral arrangements or a all out rock n roll festival, open air concerts are key to advancement of the music industry. Key is to still deliver a crowd satisfying entertainment experience. In any case, from recruiting the staff that keeps things moving along to booking the groups that draw large groups, arranging your outdoor music festival requires a ton of planning and a devoted, organized team to pull it all off. I myself have been involved with doing just such a thing multiple times. As we put on a classic rock festival in Huron Township Michigan each year in August. However as with many events, things are being cancelled due to the quarantine from the Covid 19 Epidemic besieged upon us.

So that got me thinking about how a outdoor music festival such as ours could carry on in this new day and age of virus combating, social distancing is underway. So here we will have a step by step guid for you to plan an Outdoor Music Festival These are based on both my experience and research into the matter, but by no means should you conisder this to be complete and all emcompassing, for each and every event will have its own circumstances to address. So being not sure where to start? Uncertain on some things with regards to arranging your celebration? Well, Start with this small guide I just wrote..

Time. It takes numerous months to book the groups, the merchants, and the scene. For an enormous celebration, it might take a year or more. Advertising and selling tickets likewise require some serious energy. Give yourself enough lead time to do it right. In our case we actually begin planning for the next years festival as soon as this years festival is over. As a suggestion I would consider dividing up the project such as Advertising, Entertainment, Food, Security, Ticket Sales, and then assigning each to some lead team members. Make it clear to each one they are the point man for you when it comes to anything related to thier perspective roles.

Festival Space. Your celebration doesn't simply require enough open space for the stage or stages. You'll additionally require behind the stage regions, trailer stopping, providing food vans, versatile restroom offices, and campsites if it's a multiple day or week celebration. With the new pandemic era upon us we need to plan for lot and lots of signage, not to mention guide lines such as barrier tapes and/or painted for chalk lines guiding attendees to flow in certian directions.

Pictured below is a rave event that took place in germany. The festival organizers had fields sectioned off with barrier tape to help individuals visually see thier space, which corresponds to the the number on thier entry ticket. Only so many tickets avalable based on the amount of spaces. And for things such as live music the spaces in front and closest to the stage, or where the perfromance is happening, are set a premium price, while the spaces at the back of the field or farther away for the stage are priced lowered. This is where the supply and demand of econimics will kick in and hopefully allow you to recoupe some of the added expenses that will now fall upon you.

Spending plan. Try not to forget about your accounting. You will need a financial plan. Events always cost more than anticpated. Celebration goers need food, drink, medical aid packs, canisters for litter and recyclables, product to purchase, and restrooms. You'll require space and staff to run every one of these things, volunteers to assist, and a cleaning group to come in once the celebration closes. Prices go up every year, even though what you can charge for a ticket may not. Try and get things booked months in advance and make sure to get the agreements in writing. Contact each partner, vendor, act, volunteer and staff worker a few weeks before the big event again to touch base and make sure all is till on track and a go as planed. (doing this will help you address unforseen complications early and be able to resolve it with out the pressure of rushing just before the start date.)

Non-music Activities. Foregoing the unlikely event that you book one immensely famous act that utilizations up your ticket sales, you're going to battle to keep celebration goers engaged for the span of the celebration. Consider having a blend of neighborhood ability and best in class groups, with as large a main event as your spending plan permits.

During breaks between sets, or on account of some unforseen equipment failure/technical diffulculties, have different kinds fill in amusement for festival goes. Contingent upon the subject and crowd of your celebration, consider including craft or art vendors, moving performers that could, if needed, take the stage for a short skit while things get worked out. Also perhaps a children's event exercise, depending on the ratio of children at the event maybe something that would have a small prize to win. Ie; sack race or simon says game.

What about a funny satire act? Many husband and wife teams have a funny skit that can be worked out for a few minute fill in.

Hardware, Equipment and Staging. The focal point of your occasion will be unrecorded music, which implies you need a reasonable stage, lighting gear, and sound hardware. Recruit a particular music creation organization, just as broad media specialists, to run the specialized side of the occasion. Doing so relieves you of the ongoing operation of the equipment through out the show and allows you to focus your attentions to some of the other besiege of pressing issues. (its just the way it is folks)

Permits and Licenses. Without the right administrative work, your celebration is in danger of being closed down. In the event that the celebration is being held on open land, you're probably going to require a granted permission or permit from the city or township. You'll likewise require licenses in the event that you intend to sell any liquor. As for food licesnsing, I highly suggest you consider outsourcing that to food trucks or cater services that are not only used to the influxes of conccession foods but alos have already gotten thier heakth department inspection or credentials in place. Again unless you consider yoruself a food truck operator, your best to outsource this and stick with what you know, festival promotion and cordination services.

Alliances. Its not only helpful but its important to get the support of local organiztions, clubs or even governement. Approach the chamber of commerce, city counsels, even large local churches. social clubs and societies, local sporting teams, ect. Alliances help you and you can help them too. Consider offering a sponsors plaque or a large sign at the entrance thanking them for thier support.

Addmissions. Consider how celebration goers will enter. In today world they need to be directed in one direction to limit interactions between groups. You will need to ensure staff, trained and willing to use contactless thermometers to check entrances temperatures before entering the grounds. If anyone exhibits a temperature of 100 or more, they need to be turned away. ( Make sure you have secondary thermometer to double check anyone suspicious reading.

Will you use tickets, wristbands, or hand-stamps? Wristbands are the most ideal decision when arranging an outside performance, particularly on the off chance that it goes on for over one day. Again plan for lots of signage and conisder wether or not you will need an actual staff member to be placed there to give direction and guidance. For instance if you were selling tickets that reference thier seating or reserved spot on them, then someone should be there to clarify to them what the rules to be observed and the social distancing directions that are posted and adhered to, perhaps as they are shown to thier designated spot or seating.

Guarantee you have enough individuals at the entry way to keep swarms of people moving easily, as opposed to leaving benefactors remaining in long queues. Remember they bought the ticket to come have some fun, standing in lines waiting all day is not fun. Don't let this be your festival. Keep things moving and entertaining. (often you will be able to ellicit the assistance of the enteretainers themselves with quick crowd control announcements)

Security. Security accomplishes something beyond preventing individuals from sneaking in for nothing. Watching over the celebration for meandering youngsters, tricky teenagers pulling pranks, rowdy groups or argumentative couples or even grouips.They are additionally liable for the wellbeing and security of your celebration goers. You'll require an expert security group to organize with. Take the time to ensure they are insured and have a establised presence in the field with good reviews. You ought to likewise have enough space to set up a security stall where individuals can go to report everything from missing individual things to attack.

Medical Aid: Your medical aid staff needs to be trained. Any one not passing the initial screening may end up seeing them. Puking youngsters, honey bee stings, scraped knee or twisted ankles and the sky is the limit from there. Perhaps contacting a local abulance company might be a good way to go. Plan for a abulance for every 500 people attending.,

Promoting. Advertising an outside performance requires an alternate showcasing blend than different occasions. Notwithstanding internet based life, neighborhood press, and advanced promoting, you should organize with the advertising groups for the groups and acts that will perform. Their fans are going to make up an enormous piece of your crowd, so focus on their fan destinations just as your standard outlets.

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Public health measures will need to include multiple sanitising stations across different areas of the festival,, temperature checks upon entry to the site for all patrons as well as staff and performers. Make it clear and posted prominently everywhere that it is expected for all to adhere to the six foot social distancing requirement.

Personal Protective Equipment for all staff handling food and beverages.

Festival food workers must wear:
o a face masks
o Face Shield (in conjuction with the mask)
o Food-safe disposable gloves
o Hair nets or hats
o Beard nets (if you have facial hair)

Place portable handwashing stations near snack area, meal serving area, and eating areas, when available. •Provide hand sanitizer to clients using the following strategies:
o Use motion-activated hand sanitizer stations when possible.
o Give every client their own small bottle of hand sanitizer when available.
o When providing individually wrapped hand sanitizing wipes (like Wet Naps) lay them out in a single layer. Do not place them in a box or other container where people have to reach in and get them.
o But the best posible solution may to have a staff member dispensing a squirt of sanitizer, at the event entrance and any entrace line for food or bathrooms, to ensure each and every person uses it.

Meal Requirements
• Do not use bulk food in containers or any large container that requires food to be transferred to a clamshell or other container at the shelter to be consumed.
• Use individually packaged meals. Examples include:
o Boxed meals (as with sandwich, fruit, and chips) completely contained in a box or bag;
o Complete meals from a caterer, vendor, or restaurant that are delivered already sealed in containers and labeled with the contents;
o Frozen thaw-and-serve sandwiches.

• Use shelf-stable, single-serve, ready-to-eat food items procured through nationally or locally contracted suppliers. Examples include:
o Heater meals (also known as meals-ready-to-eat or MREs).
o Meal bars;
o Tuna and chicken in pouches;
o Fruit cups;
o Peanut butter packets.

Food Safety
• Ensure all food is delivered at safe temperatures. Check food temperatures upon delivery.
o Hot foods must stay hotter than 140ºF and cold foods must stay colder than 41ºF.
o When checking sealed meals:
• Double-bag and discard unused prepared food. Serving Snacks and Beverages
• All staff handling snacks and beverages follow guidance in the Personal Protective Equipment section above.
• Serve only individually packaged snack items and single-serve bottled water and beverages, such as juice boxes.
o Do not set snacks and other items out for clients to take.
o Place these items in an area controlled by staff.
• Maintain social distancing when serving snacks and beverages by following these steps for the “set it down and step back” method.

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