48|Wiseguy Records|https://www.wiseguyrecords.com/|We are now excited to offer AVID’s Elite New Flagship  M40 – S6  Console!! Paired with Pro Tools HDX interfaces and Newly Upgraded Pro Tools Ultimate 19 !! We are one of the 1st to offer this in the Detroit Area So if you want to work with the Best, Book your Studio time Today!!
Tired Of That Basement Sound?? Come Record With The Best, Detroit’s Finest Recording Company. For All Your Audio Needs All Genres Rock/Rap/Pop/R&B/Etc. For Studio Rates Call: (586)945-5303 Hip/Hop & R&B Production Available.|06/05/20 - 11:21:59|admin|5|0|0

47|United Sound Systems Recording Studios|http://unitedsounddetroit.com/|United Sound Systems Recording Studios  is more than just a Recording Studio – it is an institution which birthed a musical legacy which we still thrive upon.  Established in 1933 by Jimmy Siracuse, it became the first independent and full service major recording studio in the nation and created a platform which gave artists, musicians, writers, and producers the ability to record music, cut the record and get airplay without being signed to a major label. |06/05/20 - 11:21:05|admin|16|0|0

46|Tone Worx Recording Studio|https://www.toneworxstudio.com/|Tone Worx Studio is a new facility in the metro Detroit area that is dedicated to serve the needs of any recording artist from beginners to seasoned veterans. Having outgrown the previous establishment, the experiences of years creating passionate works will carry on and continue to expand to meet the industry demands. The idea is to keep running a professional recording environment that focuses on producing the very best possible audio quality at an affordable rate. The studio is large enough to accommodate full bands for those who like to play together and comfortable enough for those solo artists that have something to say. We hear you loud and clear and will put everything into making your visions into a sonic reality. |06/05/20 - 11:19:35|admin|5|0|0

45|The Disc Ltd Recording Studio|http://www.thedisc.com/|Artists who have recorded here include Big Sean, Kid Rock, Akon, Kjon, Mike Posner, Mary J Blige, George Clinton, Roger Troutman, and many more!!|06/05/20 - 11:18:04|admin|16|0|0

44|The Audio Cafe|http://www.theaudiocafe.com/|
Designed from the ground up, the studio was built to provide a single client exclusive use of the entire facility without any activities outside of the project. Well maintained studio, clean and comfortable environment with on site parking. A small lounge hosts a refrigerator and microwave with soft drinks and Wi-Fi on the house. Walking distance to restaurants and stores. Sessions available by appointment, flexible hours.|06/05/20 - 11:16:59|admin|7|0|0

43|Temper Mill Studio|http://www.tempermill.com/|A spacious 3000-sq.-ft. facility situated in picturesque Ferndale, Michigan, the Tempermill is an amalgamation of great acoustics, inspired professional engineering, and convenient, laid-back environs. The whole place was designed for making records, with a live end/dead end recording space and plenty of isolation booths for tracking large projects, an extra-large control room big enough for the whole band to comfortably and accurately listen, and a lounge/kitchen to make you feel at home with cutting-edge video games like Tetris and NHL '94. We also have a dedicated mastering suite to put the finishing touches on your digital CD, vinyl LP or whatever next generation format that installs directly into your brain via your USB-9 earlobe port.|06/05/20 - 11:16:14|admin|5|0|0

42|Talent Live Studios|http://www.talentlive.com/|44844 Michigan Ave.  Canton, MI  48188 Detroit area recording studio located in southeast Michigan (Canton, Michigan, between Detroit and Ann Arbor on US-12), providing full service audio, video, graphics, and photography studio resources.  We assist in meeting the multimedia and recording needs of not only known national acts - and the up and coming independent stars of tomorrow, but also assist business and industrial clients in meeting their requirements such as marketing or instructional presentations, including changes in technology, and safety training.|06/05/20 - 11:14:52|admin|17|0|0

41|Spherical Sound studios|https://www.sphericalsound.com/|The Control Room featuring a Dolby Atmos System, 13 JBL Studio Mastering Reference Monitors plus 2 (Sub & LFE), Neve Mic Pre’s, Neve Channels, Neve Centerpiece, and Neve Master Bus Processor, Avid Sync HD, Avid DNxIO, Avid HD IO16x16 (2), ALL Mogami Cabling, PRO Tools HD, Media Composer, Enormous Plug In Collection, Extensive Microphone Collection. Call for a current list of equipment, as we are always evolving.|06/05/20 - 11:13:21|admin|5|0|0

40|Studio A Recording|https://studioarecording.com/|Professional Online Mastering
Studio A provides artists & producers with high quality mastering, backed by over 40 years of experience contributing to numerous hit records and Grammy winning projects.|06/05/20 - 11:12:24|admin|5|0|0

39|Solid Sound Ann Arbor|http://www.solidsound.net/|Professional results for all your recording needs.
Many years ago friends Rob Martens and Will Spencer decided to found a recording studio dedicated to producing absolutely professional recordings and to keep within client's budgets. Rob and Will formed a good team. Both had music backgrounds, both were 'natural button pushers,' excited about the newest advances in technology, and both had recording experience. Their efforts brought a dream into reality: Solid Sound. |06/05/20 - 11:11:03|admin|5|0|0

38|Silver Dragon Productions|http://www.sdpstudio.com/|in Chesterfield, MI offers 50 buck an hour rate or 350 for a 10 hour day. Now that sounds reasonable.|06/05/20 - 11:10:09|admin|5|0|0

37|Rustbelt Studios Detroit|https://rustbeltstudios.com/|From modern pop to metal, from country to jazz, from whole band tracking to overdubs – Rustbelt is the facility for all your recording needs. We boast a large microphone selection and an extensive in-house instrument and equipment selection – all available for use at no extra charge and all set in a laid-back and low-key atmosphere.|06/05/20 - 11:07:06|admin|5|0|0

36|Rock City Studio|http://www.rockcitystudio.com/|The largest custom console Daniel Flickinger ever made!
All Discreet Electronics 3 Band EQ Automated Restored to better than new Many artists from Aretha Franklin to the Rolling Stones have used this console, as seen in the MTV video, Jumpin' Jack Flash |06/05/20 - 11:06:05|admin|5|0|0

35|Radio Broadcast Services|http://radiobs.com/radiobs/|Now in our fifteenth year, Radio Broadcast Services, LLC provides remote broadcast facilitation, contract studios for radio and podcast programming, CD duplication, and much more. We have recently added video to our main studio, allowing clients to record or stream up to 5 cameras, with the addition of CG, effects, imported images, SKYPE, and Powerpoint presentations, to make your program dazzle your audience. |06/05/20 - 11:05:15|admin|6|0|0

34|Ozone Music and Sound|https://www.ozonesound.com/|Ozone Music and Sound is Metro Detroit's ONLY Creative Audio Boutique® Providing elite post-production sound services for broadcast and streaming advertising content, gaming, film, episodic TV, auto manufacturing, and recording artists since 2003.|06/05/20 - 11:03:36|admin|5|0|0

33|Ocean Recording Studio|https://oceanrecordingstudio.com/|Capture your recordings in confidence with our quality gear selection and years of knowledge to get that PRO sound right at the source.  From tracking big, live drums to in-your-face vocals, we pride ourselves on the ability to achieve fantastic sounding raw tracks during the production phase. |06/05/20 - 11:02:45|admin|5|0|0

32|Nightwing Productions|http://www.nightwingpro.com/index.html|State of the Art in Audio
NightWing Productions has been providing top-quality audio and media services since 1996. Radio-ready music is always the goal, and at any budget. We offer a wide range of services including:
HD Recording for artists and bands, remote recording
Analog Mixdown & Re-Mix
Digital editing & Mastering
The best studio musicians available
Songwriting assistance
Sound design
Website & digital media design|06/05/20 - 10:58:43|admin|4|0|0

31|K and R Creative Digital Media Productions|http://www.knr.net/|We Record, Mix and Master audio for Web, CD, Film, Video and more. Stereo LoRo, 3.1, 5.1, LtRt, analog 24 tracks video synchronized with digital Pro Tools sessions are all in one place. We are cloud based for world wide connection to any studio in the world. Produce and direct a session from your home live. |06/05/20 - 10:58:03|admin|5|0|0

30|Lake Gennesaret Studio Production Services|http://lakegennesaret.com/index.html|LGSPS is located in Troy, Michigan, fifteen minutes north of Detroit. We are a top-of-the line project facility well-equipped for projects ranging from single artist commercial recordings, audio book recording and editing to full-bodied symphonic productions for film. Since our establishment in 1983 (as then "SAS Productions") Lake Gennesaret SPS has remained plugged into the cutting edge of audio recording and production, offering a sound product that exceeds expectations.|06/05/20 - 10:56:01|admin|16|0|0

29|Incidental Sounds Co.|http://www.incidentalsounds.com/|  In 1984 I began this adventure called Incidental Sounds Company.   Since then we have recorded thousands of songs and hundreds of albums.  My clients are singer/songwriters, and, after discussing your song to determine the style you're after, I begin working directly with you to  compose, arrange, perform and record, all of the instruments and background vocals, (except the ones that you want to do yourself).  I then, record your vocals (and your instruments, if any), and then mix and master the projects.  |06/05/20 - 10:52:19|admin|5|0|0

28|Digital Dynamic Studios Ltd|https://www.dds1.com/|Digital Dynamic Studios, LTD provides a wide range of related services for our clients. The most popular being technology related support and device integration services for local area networking and Internet connectivity. Our fastest growing services are in the website design and hosting area. In particular, our off-site data archiving service has recently started to gained notable popularity.|06/05/20 - 10:49:17|admin|5|0|0

27|Coon Creek Records|http://www.cooncreekrecords.com/CCRindex.html|Jon Martin founded Wave Records as an analog recording studio in 1988. He originally created the studio to record his band, Dad and the Boys, and eventually began recording music of other local artists. The studio was located on the west side of Detroit for 18 years. Several years ago, we relocated to Armada, Michigan and renamed the studio Coon Creek Records. The studio records bands and solo artists, and performs audio restoration of vintage recordings. The studio features both analog and digital mix-down formats in Armada Michigan|06/05/20 - 10:48:26|admin|6|0|0

26|The Brookwood Studio|http://www.brookwoodstudio.com/|High-resolution digital audio recording, editing, mixing, and mastering from studio or on-location sessions
Transfer and audio restoration from legacy formats (open reel, LP, 78, etc)
Spacious studio with a Steinway D (9-foot) Concert Grand Piano in a peaceful country setting
CD Duplication with custom printing
videotaping of concerts or studio sessions
…the skill, experience, and tools to make your project sound better than you ever thought possible |06/05/20 - 10:47:02|admin|5|0|0

25|Big Sky Recording|http://www.bigskyrecording.com/|Big Sky has been here since 2001, and over time we've made it better for recording groups playing together, as well as optimizing the room for individual overdubs.  We've built a good deal of gear, and we still offer 24 track analog recording as an option to the Pro Tools HD system.|06/05/20 - 10:46:17|admin|4|0|0

24|Alley Records|http://www.alleyrecords.com/|Alley Records was founded more than ten years ago by Steve Somers. Being a musician, Steve understands the challenges performers face in producing and promoting their music. Consequently, Steve has firsthand knowledge of working directly with much of the equipment he sells. He has a reputation both locally and nationally for offering the best value around.|06/05/20 - 10:45:09|admin|5|0|0

23|Sonic Landscapes|http://soniclandscapesstudio.com/|racking, mixing, mastering and producing
– On-site recording
– Analog (vinyl, cassettes, reel to reels, VHS tapes) to digital (CD, DVD, etc) transfers
– Custom installation for live sound and public announcement systems available 517-782-5044|06/05/20 - 10:44:10|admin|5|0|0

22|Single Sound Recording|http://www.singlesound.net/|Complete 56 Track Analog & Digital Recording Facility, Automated Digital Mixing,
Hard Disc Recording, Digital Editing and CD Mastering, CD and Cassette Duplication
On Site Graphic Capability  Location Recording  Sound System Rental, Installation. and Consultation, Single Entertainer, Not Afraid Band, Duo's and D.J.'s 810-231-9345|06/05/20 - 10:42:41|admin|5|0|0

21|Real II Reel Productions|https://www.realiireel.com/|a full service recording studio located within a 50 mile radius of 12 major Michigan cities including, Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Novi, Pontiac, Fenton, Holly, Grand Blanc, Brighton and Howell.
Our production team includes world-class producers, engineers, musicians, arrangers, songwriters and vocal coaches.|06/05/20 - 10:41:18|admin|5|0|0

20|Mastering Matters|http://www.masteringmatters.com/|For over 10 years we have specialized in recording and mastering the original songs of local and online musicians; our staff offers the kind of reliable quality service you can count on, we know how important the mastering process is to your songs. In addition, we're here to help you with any questions you may have during the whole process, we are happy to address your concerns about the various services we offer online. Our goal is to make your music sound its best. |06/05/20 - 10:39:29|admin|7|0|0

19|Elm Street Recording Lansing|http://lansingrecording.com/|Since 2004 Elm Street Recording has provided the Lansing community with a professional, affordable recording environment dedicated to development of mid-Michigan’s music scene. Since that time we’ve produced hundreds of albums,  traveled the globe on film shoots, recorded on location for rock bands and orchestras, and, more importantly, honed our craft.|06/05/20 - 10:38:21|admin|5|0|0

18|Willis Sound|http://willis-sound.com/|Located 20 minutes outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Willis Sound is a full-service recording studio and live performance space built in a 130-year-old former church. Our studio offers one of the most unique recording experiences in the region, featuring on-site lodging and a fantastic selection of recording gear and instruments to choose from. Our goal is to create an inspiring and comfortable recording atmosphere in the heart of a small rural Michigan town.|06/05/20 - 10:37:08|admin|7|1|10

17|D-Prods Recording Studio|http://www.d-prods.com/|Demo Recordings Professional Recordings Mixing and Editing mastering Drum Instruction Studio Drum Tracking Vocal Recording Jingle Recording|06/05/20 - 10:12:32|admin|5|0|0

16|33 1/3 Street Sound and Video|http://my.voyager.net/~thirty3na3rd/|Professional quality sound and video
Despite the nostalgic name, we have a very well-equipped high-tech small studio where
we produce full-length albums, radio and television ads, band demos, videos etc. on our
state-of-the-art multitrack computer-based digital recording and audio/video editing system. St. Johns Mi.|06/05/20 - 10:05:08|admin|6|0|0

15|Six String Place|https://www.sixstringplace.com/recording/|At the Six String Place recording studio, we have the latest in audio and digital technology and the producers and engineers to insure the success of your recording project. We have produced recording projects in many different genres, including Rock, Jazz, Folk, Country, Show Tunes and Christian as well as many others. Call us today at (517) 996-6095 to start your project with a FREE consultation with one of our producers.|06/05/20 - 10:03:19|admin|6|0|0

14|Whitehead Recording|http://www.whiteheadrecording.com/|We are a professional digital recording facility located in Saginaw, Michigan.  We are conveniently located near Interstate 75, yet nestled in a suburban country setting.  Whitehead Recording features a dedicated 24-track hard disk recorder coupled with Pro Tools 11, Sonar X3 Producer Expanded, a 32X16 AMR mixing console, and plenty of outboard gear.  Add to this state of the art software, along with 30-plus years of experience and you're ready to roll. Located in Saginaw MI|06/05/20 - 10:02:17|admin|5|0|0

13|Underground Recording Studios|http://www.undergroundstudios.com/|Underground Recording Studios has been producing high quality projects for almost fifteen years. Before that, The owner ran the studio for a year at his college where he also studied studio audio recording. Prior to and during college, he spent many hours in various studios a musician, an engineer, or a producer. It has been well over twenty years since he first laid hands on a recording console. The proof is in the listening. Set up an appointment to stop by the studio and listen to some past projects. Or head to the Credits and Sound Demo page for a few samples in MP3 format. Nothing beats hearing it yourself.
One differentiating item of interest to note regarding Underground Recording Studios, is the owner/engineer/producer is a multi-instrumentalist. Not only does he have decades of experience producing artists, he has also played studio sessions on multiple instruments. He has spent time in the studio, writing, and recording his own music, playing, and singing every part of the track. Not only can he help you get get the sounds and performance you want as an engineer, but he can also coach from the perspective of a performer as well.|06/05/20 - 09:56:12|admin|18|0|0

12|River City Studios Ltd.|http://www.rivercitystudios.com/|After more than 40 years, we’re the longest, continually operating professional recording facility in the state of Michigan.Our customers, past, present, and future (you included) totally drive the way we do business. From the technology & equipment we invest in, to our staff members, to how we help you create the effortlessly creative recording session.
The point is: these days a lot of technology and equipment is available affordably to a lot of people, but who really understands the creative collaboration of sound recording better than those who have been doing it so successfully for almost 40 years.|06/05/20 - 09:54:20|admin|8|0|0

11|Fast Trax Recording Studio|http://fasttrax.us/|Fast Trax Recording Studio offers West Michigan the most comprehensive collection of equipment, services  and experience available in the area. From it’s humble beginnings in the 1980’s as an affordable professionally equipped recording studio, Fast Trax Recording Studio has grown into a full service multimedia production facility unparallelled in the West Michigan area. Because of our unsurpassed equipment, experience, and affordable rates, many of our clients consider Fast Trax Recording Studio to be the top recording studio in West Michigan.|06/05/20 - 09:52:54|admin|5|0|0

10|Mike Cortson Company |http://mikecortson.com/recording.html|All digital 24 track location (we come to you) or at The Acorn Theater professional audio recording services for music and video production. Recording/Mixing/Mastering. Live concerts and private location multi-track digital sound.|06/05/20 - 09:51:43|admin|16|0|0

9|Broadside Productions|http://www.broadsideproductions.com/|Recording is what we do…full-time. Your satisfaction means the world to us. Our goal is to make you so incredibly happy with the sound quality and service throughout the project, that you’ll send your friends to come and work with us as well. That’s much easier than “marketing” for new clients.
•Comfortable recording environment. Low-key. Low pressure approach.
•Experienced engineers. Since 1994, we’ve helped with hundreds of projects.
•Large Rooms. 23×27 main live room. 16×17 control room. Iso booths.
•Courtyard/Patio for break-time.|06/05/20 - 09:50:01|admin|5|0|0

8|Audiobay|http://www.audiobay1.com/|The Audio Bay is a professional audio and mastering house located in Rockford, Michigan. Our superior line of vintage analog gear, digital workstations and industry knowledge and experience have made us sought-after experts in audio production. Since 1999 we have recorded, mixed and/or mastered music from artists and groups accross the country. Our credits include a Grammy Nominated Album for Best Traditional Folk Album, Motion Picture Soundtrack, top 10 gospel record, TV Pilot, and Interscope & Atlantic artists to name a few.|06/05/20 - 09:48:34|admin|5|0|0

7|Runyan Media|http://www.runyanmedia.com/|in Bellaire, MI. Complete digital multitrack facility with 4 isolation rooms, great gear and over 20 years of experience.|06/05/20 - 09:44:47|admin|8|0|0

6|Waterfall Records|https://waterfallrecordings.com/|Music Recording Studio. primary focus is mixing and mastering, regular recording sessions still welcome.|06/05/20 - 09:43:15|admin|11|1|4

5|Obscurrus Diem Productions|http://obscurrus.com/|in Kalkaska, MI. They have a full recording studio and a record label.|06/05/20 - 09:42:21|admin|6|0|0

4|Frontier Recording|http://frontierrecording.com/|in Copemish, MI (northwest lower peninsula). Complete music production services including recording, digital editing, mixing and mastering. The studios are constructed within a 100 year old homestead barn in a rural setting of woods, fields and rolling hills.|06/05/20 - 09:40:23|admin|7|0|0

3|Red House Recordings|http://www.redhouserec.com/|Red House Recording is one of Northern Michigan's premier recording facilities.  Designed from the ground up for all types of audio recording, the building offers over 1,500 square feet of acoustically treated space.  A wide variety of acoustic and electric instruments are available to help you achieve the sounds you want. |06/05/20 - 09:37:25|admin|6|0|0

2|Spyder Byte Studios|http://www.fetzir.com/spyder/index.html|Spyder Byte Studios is a full service 24 track digital recording studio located in beautiful Alpena Michigan.  A truly professional smoke-free environment geared towards comfort for the artist and convenience for the crew.|06/05/20 - 09:36:14|admin|7|0|0

1|Lake Street Studios|http://www.lakestreetstudio.com/|A full-service audio recording studio located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula. If you are looking for a friendly place to create a state-of-the-art recording|06/05/20 - 09:35:00|admin|8|0|0