Featured Blues Bands

Jacques Van Lill

Adding some blues vibes to this classic. Some will love it, some may hate it, but I love it when someone can do something different with a song that I’ve heard a hundred times or more!

Charles Bradley

Charles Bradley sings the powerful cover as part of another session of the Newsroom Concert Series. Bradley's album, also called 'Changes', was released in April, 2016.

Buddy Guy w/ Rolling Stones

Long influenced by the Chicago blues, the Rolling Stones band paid a visit to Buddy Guy's club the Checkerboard Lounge to see the legendary bluesman perform. It was a unique occasion that was fortunately captured on camera.

Smokey Wilson

88th Street Blues - Smokey Wilson two hour long harmonica playing blues man

Jeff Beck and B.B. King

This is the greatest version of this song. Period! B.B. sings like a KING and plays so simply that it makes his playing perfect. Jeff plays so so beautifully I can't even describe it..

Howlin' Wolf & Eric Clapton

Goin' Down Slow and I Want To Have A Word With You 1970


STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN Tribute Band From Detroit : SRA and Triple threat

Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan

In Session 1983. It'd be hard enough to be SRV, but imagine the pressure of having to lay down metronomic bass lines ad-lib for two of the most influential guitarists just 10 ft away from you,

Detroit Blues Band

This Blues band is a "musician's band". You can bet there'll be several prominent local musicians in the audience wherever they perform. It's no fluke that musical people love the band. It's all about payin' dues and performing with exacting craft.

Van Morrison & John Lee Hooker

Serves Me Right To Suffer; blues sessions, from album ' The Blues Buddies'

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Floyd Lee Band

"Mean Blues" from the Floyd Lee Band 2001 You just have love Blues, great song.